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Enrolling scholars in kindergarten through fourth grade. Complete an intent to enroll form today! Call (901) 512-4495 or email outreach@leadmemphis.org for more information. NO COST TO ATTEND.


School Culture

We believe that successful schools must be designed, built, and operated based on both proven best practices in the field and quality educational research. In designing our education program we have consulted the programs of the nation’s strongest schools achieving the highest academic results with a sharply similar student population to the one we serve in Memphis. These schools produce results because they, too, sought the advice and counsel of those who had come before them. This reliance on what has been proven to work, rather than on what we believe should work, enables us to deliver on our ambitious mission.

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Our Program

Leadership Prep maximizes our scholars’ natural desire to learn. A highly structured school with mission-driven leadership and teachers providing a strong reading and math foundation create an achievement-oriented school community, in which academic excellence and strong character values are at the heart of school life.

Leadership Prep ensures that every scholar is prepared to excel in high school and set them firmly on the road to college and community leadership. Our academic plan and school design is based on the study of high-achieving charter schools across the country.

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Upcoming Events

Spring Pictures

Scholars will take spring pictures on Monday, April 9.

TNReady Pep Rally

Please join us on Thursday, April 12 at 2pm for our TNReady Pep Rally. You will not want to miss it!