Welcome to Leadership Prep

Dear Leadership Prep families, friends, and supporters,

We are honored to welcome you to Leadership Preparatory Charter School (“Leadership Prep”). Leadership Prep is an academically challenging, disciplined, supportive, and joyful school located at 4190 Elliston Rd., Memphis, TN. Authorized by the Shelby County Board of Education, Leadership Prep opened its doors to an inaugural class of 60 kindergarten students and 60 first grade students on August 10, 2015. Each year, we will grow by one grade until we reach our full capacity as a K-8 elementary and middle school in 2024.

Currently, we are enrolling scholars in Grades K-4.

Leadership Prep is committed to providing a quality educational option in Southeast Memphis and eliminating the power of demographic bias on student achievement. Leadership Prep will provide a rigorous and supportive educational option for elementary and middle school students. We will achieve our mission by ensuring every student receives the academic skills, knowledge, and strong character foundation necessary to set them on the path to college.

We appreciate your interest in Leadership Prep. We know that our success as a school depends on the support of our families, friends, and supporters far and near. We have high expectations for the members of our community, and in turn, you can expect the same from us.

Our school model ensures an intensive focus on the acquisition of essential literacy and mathematic skills, providing targeted and rigorous instruction in each subject to meet the academic needs of every student.  Leadership Prep holds our scholars accountable for demonstrating excellent behavior by teaching them the character skills necessary for their success, specifically the school’s ILEAD– Integrity, Leadership, Excellence, Achievement, and Determination character values. By instilling in scholars that strong academic and character foundation is necessary to excel in high school, graduate from college, and lead in their communities, Leadership Prep sets scholars firmly on the path to make good decisions, act as leaders and fulfill ambitious goals.

On behalf of the Leadership Prep founding team, thank you for your support and we look forward to partnering with you and working together to ensure that the children of Shelby County receive the excellent education they deserve to reach their highest levels of achievement.

With gratitude,

Valissia Allen, Founder and Head of School