School Culture


Leadership Preparatory Charter School provides K-8 students with the academic and character foundation necessary to excel in high school, graduate from college, and lead in their communities.


We believe that preparation for college starts in kindergarten.

We believe that a focus on literacy and mathematics produces results.

We believe that families want high quality education that challenges and supports their children to do well in school and life.


Leadership Prep provides a safe, structured, supportive K-8 college preparatory school for all students and replicates the proven practices of high-performing charter schools across the nation.

We believe that successful schools must be designed, built, and operated based on both proven best practices in the field and quality educational research. In designing our education program we have consulted the programs of the nation’s strongest schools achieving the highest academic results with a sharply similar student population to the one we serve in Memphis. These schools produce results because they, too, sought the advice and counsel of those who had come before them. This reliance on what has been proven to work, rather than on what we believe should work, enables us to deliver on our ambitious mission.

  • High Academic Expectations
  • Focus on Literacy and Math
  • Great Teachers, Great Results
  • Highly Structured Environment
  • Character Education
  • Data-Driven Instruction
  • Extended Learning Time


Leadership Preparatory Charter School’s policies are available within our Student and Family Handbook.

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