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Leadership Prep maximizes our scholars’ natural desire to learn.  A highly structured school with mission-driven leadership and teachers providing a strong reading and math foundation create an achievement-oriented school community, in which academic excellence and strong character values are at the heart of school life.

Leadership Prep ensures that every scholar is prepared to excel in high school and set them firmly on the road to college and community leadership.  Our academic plan and school design is based on the study of high-achieving charter schools across the country.


To build an achievement-oriented school community, we provide all students with a strong academic foundation. Starting in Kindergarten, teachers prioritize the development of strong literacy skills, implementing supportive and targeted interventions, explicitly teaching the importance of setting goals, creating a disciplined and structured environment, and establishing strong partnerships with parents.

  • Literacy focus. We believe starting in kindergarten scholars must develop the strong literacy skills that serve as foundational building blocks for all future learning. Most students that are unable to decode and read beginning material by the mid-first grade fall further and further behind in school and are effectively prevented from capitalizing on the power of education to improve their lives.
  • Supportive, targeted Interventions. We believe that with a supportive learning environment and quality targeted instruction, all students will meet high academic standards.  Daily, we provide 40 minutes in grades K-2 and 40 minutes in grades 3-8 within our school day for targeted academic interventions for students in need of additional support.
  • Goal-setting. We believe in the importance of setting ambitious goals. We teach students the importance of setting ambitious goals to build in them the internal drive to work towards accomplishing personal and collective goals. We create a culture in which students understand that they have the power and intelligence to accomplish whatever they set out to do through determination and hard work.
  • Discipline and structure. We believe that academic focus cannot exist in chaos. Order and stability facilitate learning by reducing the amount of teaching time misplaced to non-academic matters. To ensure that students are physically, emotionally, and intellectually safe, we explicitly teach, model, and require high behavioral expectations with families and students.
  • Mission-based partnership with parents. We believe that families are our most important partners. We extend our mission into the home, thereby building valuable partnerships by providing families with: annual home visits for all new families and annual parent orientations for all families, six-week progress reports, biweekly teacher phone calls home, and daily behavior updates in grades K-2 and weekly in grades 3-8.

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